Monday, December 12, 2011

The latest SCAM on fake Shipment Notices

I recently shared with my friends the link to the USPS latest scam alert in regards to fake tracking numbers but I didn't expect to receive one of those bogus emails! Receiving the email opened an opportunity for me to write this small post and share this information with the world.

First, here is the link to the US Postal Services home page with the scam alert in red.

Below is a screenshot of the email I received today, it was sent to an email  address NOT registered with my Amazon account. I have added arrows on the email to show you that the email sent was not legitimate. 

Since I know not to click on links from e-mails that are not legitimate, I took screenshots for you:

CAUTION: will only send you a notice of shipment if you placed an order!

A genuine shipping notice from will have the following details :
1.The email is sent by an address @amazon
2.Your FULL NAME has show on your account after Dear ...
3.The name of the reseller
4.The date you placed the order
5.The shipment was sent to :
6. Return and feedback information

Here is a link to Amazon's article on this issue

Share this post with your friends, post the link on your facebook. This is a heavy cyber sales week, do not let people you know fall for this scam.

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