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EU ePrivacy Directive for your website

EU ePrivacy Directive also known as the EU Cookie Law is a piece of privacy legislation which requires websites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer, smartphone or tablet. The Information Commissioner’s Office (the ICO) who enforce privacy laws in the UK have stated that getting “implied consent” for cookie use is acceptable.

What needs to be done?
EU web visitors must be informed that your website stores cookies for tracking, statistics and hosting.

What are cookies ?
Cookies are stored in your browser and enable a site to 'remember' little bits of information between pages or visits.

Who must comply ?
Any business anywhere with a website serving customers within any EU country, is required to comply with the legislation with respect to those EU visitors, and that country.

How are you classified?
Your business is located in EU
A visible notice with an acceptance button is required.

Your business is not located in EU but serves EU customers only
A visible notice is required.

Your business is not located in EU and serves EU customers and other countries
A visible notice is required + Privacy Notice page
The privacy notice page must tell visitors how to delete cookies.

If you are in EU and your website is exclusively targeted to non-EU audiences
You are not required to comply.
Below are some reference links to tell you more (including the fines involved)
Below is an example with policy notices.


If you export goods and are compliant with the Safe Harbor rules of the US Department of Commerce, I need to know so we can add this image to your site. Read more about Self certification with US Department of Commerce. (

Japan Consumption Tax Will Apply Starting October 1, 2015 - Amazon Notice

Here is the latest notice Amazon sent to Kindle Authors :

Starting October 1, 2015 an 8% consumption tax will be applied to all ebooks sold to customers living in Japan. No action is required of you, but we are notifying you because you currently have one or more titles available through KDP that may be affected by this change.

One-time Adjustment for Existing KDP Titles
Beginning October 1, list prices set for will be tax-inclusive, meaning that the 8% consumption tax will be included in the list price you give us. For example, if you set your list price at ¥1250, your new tax-inclusive list price would be ¥1250. Tax will be deducted from this price, and your royalties would be calculated on a resulting price of ¥1157. Keep in mind that you can change your price at any time subject to KDP’s Terms and Conditions.

Minimum and Maximum List Prices
The minimum and maximum list prices for the 35% and 70% royalty plans will now also be inclusive of tax. Previously the minimum and maximum list price for the 35% royalty plan were ¥99 and ¥20,000 respectively. The new minimum and maximum list prices for the 35% royalty plan will be ¥99 and ¥20,000 inclusive of tax (or ¥91.67 and ¥18,518.52 exclusive of tax). Similarly, the minimum and maximum list prices for the 70% royalty were ¥250 and ¥1250. The new minimum and maximum list prices for the 70% royalty plan will be ¥250 and ¥1250 inclusive of tax (or ¥231.48 and ¥1,157.41 exclusive of tax).

Setting List Prices for
Starting October 1, to make it easier to set customer friendly list prices without having to calculate tax, authors will set list prices for the JP marketplace that include consumption tax. To accommodate this, the KDP pricing grid will be updated to accept tax-inclusive list prices. In the pricing page, authors will also see their suggested price without tax to help them understand how royalties will be calculated. For those authors who set their JP marketplace price automatically from their US list price, we will convert the US list price to local currency and that will be the list price that includes tax.

For more information about this change, visit our Help pages.

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